If braids, wigs, and twist are your jam, protecting your hair is a top priority! Dark & Lovely’s line for protective styling is an essential step in keeping your hair healthy and your scalp happy💜

What do all of the products from the Protective Style Collection have in common?
1. They are perfect for braids, weaves, locs, and wigs.
2. They were formulated to tackle every stage of your protective style from when you first get your style to the takedown.
3. They will NEVER let you down!

Learn more bout the products below.

Tension Tamer: Lotion infused with peppermint oil resulting in a cooling sensation to provide immediate relief at the scalp during the wear of your protective style

Hair Hydrator Mist: Discover Protective Styles Hair Hydrator Mist by Dark & Lovely. Infused with rice water complex, this hair and scalp moisturizer helps prevent dryness and hair breakage while styling.

Hair Refresher: Lightly fragranced and invisible hair spray with Aloe to refresh scalp and hair during the wear of your protective style

Cleansing Water: Water to foam shampoo with Aloe with applicator tip for a precise cleaning of scalp and hair without disturbing your protective style.

Detangling Cream: Detangling conditioning cream with peppermint oil and avocado that melts away buildup while providing moisture and softness during the takedown of your protective styles.