Gillette #push4scars Challenge

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Push up for Scars is a donation driver to raise money for SCARS Bermuda – a Charity that focuses on post traumatic stress disorder. For the month of June, companies and individuals will be challenged to donate for pushups and like exercises with 100% proceeds going to SCARS.

Complete this form to join the challenge.

* After submission you will be redirected to the scars page to pay your pledged amount.
  • – Regular Push Up, Lady’s push up, push up and clap (double), incline push up (triple)
  • – Jumping jacks for people that can’t do push ups 
  • – Burpies for enthusiasts
  • – Squats
  • – Agree to participate Daily in Pushing Up for Scars as an individual or team
  • – Commit to X amount of push ups or Push Up Exercises per day
  • – Make a financial donation to SCARS using the link X
  • – Add your name and “push up for scars” during the donation
  • – Use the hashtag #pushup4scars and post on social media when you are completing your pushups
  • – Feel free to post videos completing the pushups!
  • – For every $100 that is donated from you or under your name, you will get 1 Chance to spin our Instagram Virtual Prize wheel 
  • – Complete ALL daily push ups or like activity for a total of 30 days 
  • – Raise as much funds as possible in aid of SCARS
  • – For every dollar that is raised, GILLETTE will donate a matched amount up to $2000 to be awarded to SCARS

Beside being an awesome caring person if you sign up you can also receive the following:

  • – Sign up gift bag from Marketing (water/ swag/ Chips)
  • – For every $100 donation by an individual (payment already submitted to SCARS from donation date) raised they will be given a code to “Spin” our virtual Instagram wheel 
  • – The wheel spin will be completed live to insure that people are engaging and participating

For More information , email or message BGA Bermuda on facebook or instagram